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I’d like to invite you to join me and my friends, Danni Pomplun, Martin Scott and Susannah Freedman to take your yoga off the mat and help us give back to underserved and homeless youth.

Please join us for One Love’s San Francisco 2016 Charity Yoga Event! Help us give back to the SF community and make a positive impact in the lives of local and global underprivileged youth. Your ticket purchase will be a direct donation locally to Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco, aiding to get homeless and at-risk kids off the street, and globally to the One Love shelter in India, which is home to 20 kids rescued from the streets.

Date: Saturday, June 18th 2016
Time: 1:30 – 3:30pm (doors open 12:45pm – arrive early to save your mat space)
Location: Yoga Tree, Castro (97 Collingwood St, San Francisco, CA 94114)
Tickets start at $30. available here:

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Thank you to LYFT for making it easy for our yogis to get around
NEW LYFT USERS get $50 in credit towards their first 10 rides. Promo code: lyfttoonelove

EXISTING LYFT USERS get a 25% discount on their Lyft ride to or from Yoga Tree Castro on the day of the event (June 18th). As long as your ride begins or ends at the event, the code will be applicable. Promo code: Ridetoonelove

Put life into action.

While listening to a podcast today, a Professor of Psychology was interviewed on her unique perspective that positive thinking is in some ways hindering or stunting us from achieving our goals.

Gabriele Oettingen believes that indulging in our positive fantasies is actually hurting us. In a fantasy you are already imagining yourself completing the task and achieving your goal. She has come up with a system called WOOP that shifts gears from indulging in fantasy to how to realistically achieve you goal.





WISH – Ask yourself what it is that you want from today, for the next week or for your life .

OUTCOME – Spend time thinking about what the BEST outcome could be if you achieved your wish. Vividly experience all aspects of this outcome.
OBSTACLES – Then ask yourself, what is it in myself that is holding me back? Is it an old or irrational belief, is something from your past? If these obstacles are once that you feel you could conquer, then you really commit to achieving this goal. But if you decide that these obstacles are too big or you are not able to get over them, you can then postpone or let go of that idea and make space and availability for achievable goals.
PLAN – Ask yourself this : If (imagine obstacle) then I will (imagine how you will handle that obstacle). This instills non conscience processes.
Example: You have a test on Monday an you have been invited to a party on Saturday. Ask yourself “If I go to the party on Saturday then my test on Monday will suffer” Going to the party becomes the obstacle.
Find obstacle within yourself because those are the ones you can change. You can not change your husband or your boss.
It is the imagery part that of this exercise that propels you into action. Really sitting with your imagination and seeing yourself in the best outcome. But also really seeing your obstacles and if they are obstacles that you are able to over-come.
Analysis is not what propels you into action. Analysis will give you hypothesis about your parents, old relationships, teachers, etc… but it doesn’t put you into action.
For more information check out:

Introduction to Chakras (part 2)

Shushumna, Ida and Pingala Meridians.

In the same way that the physical body is more than just a collection of organs, the subtle body is more than just a collection of Chakras. The body has a complicated system of nerves, highly developed senses, intricate piecing together of muscles and bones and a vitally important system of hormone regulators. The physical body has pieces that are connected as part of a whole system, and the chakras are also connected together as part of a whole system.

The subtle body has a vital system interconnecting energy channels called meridians and nadis (nad means to flow).

The shushumna, which is the most important of the nadis rises within the base chakra and flows along the spine. There are two other important a channels; Ida (also known as Chandra, the moon) and Pingala (also known as surya, the sun).
Pingala nadi emerges from the right side of the base chakra and travels up the body in a series of of twists and curves crossing over the Shushumna. The Ida nadi emerges from the left side of the base chakra and travels up the body, creating the other half of a symmetrical pattern.
Ida, Pingala and Shushumna meet at the brow center to form a braided knot of energy.


Understanding the Chakras:

By working with the energies of the chakras, we are seeking to understand ourselves wholly.
Yoga offers an integrated system for awakening the energy body, incorporating techniques of pranayama (breath), meditation and asana (postures/poses).
Asana functions on many levels, including the obvious effect on the physical body by releasing muscle tension, strengthening the internal systems and releasing joint stiffness. The asanas also impact and work with the nadis to circulate subtle energy. When combined with meditation and working with the state of the mind, it brings calmness and control.

The breath is a profound tool for creating physical, emotional and intellectual change. The breathing pattern mirrors the way in which you interact with the world and yourself (It is frequently shallow and incomplete).
Controlled breathing is quite different from the often shallow and unconscious rhythms of daily life, and should be practiced in a well ventilated room, on an empty stomach and bladder and the body should be relaxed.

Yogic Breathing:
Yogic breath has three parts as air is brought into the abdomen, the chest and then the nasal passages.
1. Deep inhale
2. Allow the air to fill your belly and feel the expansion within your abdomen.
3. Allow the air to fill your chest and feel your ribcage expand.
4. Allow the air to move into your throat and nasal passages.
5. On the exhale, empty your nasal passages, then your chest, and finally your abdomen.

It is important to move the air smoothly and without a break. There should not be separation between the inhale and the exhale.





source: The elements of the chakras.

Run//Yoga Retreat.

Run//Yoga Retreat.

Before the holiday season arrives, take time to focus on yourself and re-energize your body, mind, and spirit by joining us on a Run//Yoga Retreat. Set in beautiful Carmel, at ‘The Carmel Valley Villa,’ you may partake in daily yoga classes, scenic runs, and relaxing recovery time in the indoor hot tub and pool. Along with enjoying the great outdoors, you will dine on fresh, local, and wholesome food prepared by San Francisco chef Alison Monuntford of Square Meals. There will also be ample free time for exploring, hiking, or just lazing on the beach.

All athletic ability levels and experience are welcome, however it is required that you have completed at least a half marathon within the past year if you choose to go on Saturday’s guided run. Due to the layout of the Villa, we highly encourage you to bring a friend or partner to share your room with.


The 11+ mile scenic run will be led by certified run coach and ultra marathon runner, Alex Ho. Alex has a passion for taking people out of their comfort zones and leading them on new adventures. So why run the 17 mile drive? It is simply a different way to experience a beautiful place. Half trail and half road, the picturesque coastal run takes you along the historic roadway where we pass the world renown Spyglass and Pebble Beach golf courses. This will be a “no drop” run with multiple stops along the way to enjoy the views. It will be open and available for all, with the goal of enjoying the beauty of Carmel’s popular scenic route while connecting with some new friends over a nice long run.

Jacqui Rowley will head up the daily yoga sessions, incorporating both energizing and restorative principles into her classes. Jacqui’s teaching methodology integrates precise alignment principles and breath into a vinyasa flow sequence that will leave you feeling challenged and restored, without adding unnecessary layers of intensity. Jacqui approaches each class with the group’s needs in mind to create a safe environment to learn, let go and relax.

Fueling our bodies with healthy, fresh and incredibly tasty meals is a big part of this retreat weekend. Chef Alison Mountford uses fresh, local ingredients and will take great care to keep us fed and fueled throughout each day.

Friday – Sunday, November 8 – 10
$650 per person
Space is limited.
Sign up at

Contact Alex at or Jacqui at to register or if you have any questions.

Registration fee includes accommodation, all activities, plus meals and snacks.

Anxiety and Delight.

Anxiety and laughter are really the same phenomenon, but seen from different points of view.

Shudders of horror, and shudders of delight.

Tears of grief, and tears of joy.

They are the same shudders and the same tears, but they have a completely different meaning.

Life is a matter of oscillation and vibration.

The question is, How are you going to interpret that?

Is it tremble, tremble, tremble

or laugh, laugh, laugh?

~Alan Watts.



Being kind in unkind times.

I am currently feeling the contradiction of intense, difficult and uncomfortable feelings of hurt and betrayal of my trust and paradoxically the sense of immense gratitude, love and peace with my own ability to remain open in a world filled with people that do mean things or operate from a place of greed and selfishness.
If the human heart is inherently gentle and kind,then how do we cope with a world that seems so harsh and mean?
How does one remain open, warm and gentle as we move through a world that is hard, cold and sometimes very difficult. How do we move through this difficulty without ourselves becoming difficult and hard? Where do you find the strength to remain open and vulnerable so it sets the stage for the people in your life to feel comfortable to do the same?
The answer to these questions and all questions involving personal struggle, is “Intention.” Your heart is called to, and invited to begin each day with the intention to be kind, to be open, to give and receive  love, to be gentle and caring to yourself and others.
We will fail, we will slip up and fall down, that is inevitable!  But if we do not initially intend for kindness in our lives, we will never fully give or receive kindness.
It may, at times feel impossible not to match the reckless and selfish behaviors of the world with the same, or greater level of selfishness. But ‘an eye for an eye will leave everyone blind’.
The practice of Intention invites you to pose the question: Am I able to create harmlessness, even when my life is painful or someone has harmed me?
There is only one way out of a destructive cycle of harm causing harm, and that is with the intention to be kind, to forgive yourself for your decisions and to consider forgiving others in the role they played in hurting you.
We, of course need to follow our highest intentions with our highest actions. Intention is not a passive practice, but instead we must consciously choose to align our behavior and our words with our intentions.


My journey to stillness.

In all my years of practice, I have found meditation to be the most challenging and frustrating.


I would find my mind wandering and then get angry with myself for letting it wander and that would then spiral into a conversation of ‘don’t be angry, just let it pass through like clouds in the sky’.  That would then turn into ‘I wonder what shape that cloud would be, maybe a dinosaur, I love dinosaurs, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus…… Oh shit, I’m really bad at meditation, clouds, clouds….pterodactyl, how could I forget about the pterodactyl?”
Anyway. About a year ago, I gave up on my meditation practice and started a gratitude practice. For 10 minutes just after I wake up, I close my eyes and think of the things that I am grateful for. Starting with my body and health. I say a thank you to my heart for beating and my lungs for breathing. This goes on to all my organs, my blood, my bones and muscles. Then the gratitude goes out to people and animals in my life. Finally the situations, obstacles or challenges that I am currently dealing with.
Eventually…. Eventually, for a few seconds, the stillness embraces me like a warm and familiar cloak or like a big hug from behind. Then come the waves of emotion so overwhelming it makes me a little nauseous, but if I breath and let those waves keep coming, the stillness comes back and lingers for a while.
This, for me, is my meditation practice. This is my hallelujah point of knowing that a lot of my personal growth has happened in my dark times. And in knowing and experiencing the lessons learned from my most challenging times, I now welcome them in for they are valid and beautiful and complex.
“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”
― Mary Oliver